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  • SubCritical PC Fired Boiler
  • SubCritical Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC) Boiler
  • SuperCritical Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion (CFBC) Boiler
  • Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion (AFBC) Boiler
  • Traveling Grate Type
  • Oil and Gas Fired
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • Process Boilers (Package & Standard type)
  • Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion boiler (AFBC)
Balance of Plant
  • Water and Waste Water System
  • Fuel / Material Handling System
  • Cooling Systems
  • General Mechanical System
  • Electrical, Control and Instrumentation
  • Civil Works
Power Plant
  • Captive Power Plants
  • Utility Power Plants
Boiler Auxillaries
  • Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
  • Fans
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