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First biomass (Rice husk) fired AFBC boiler
First multi-fuel fired AFBC boiler
Most new AFBC boilers in operation
Most AFBC retrofits in operation
First bagasse fired AFBC boiler
First lignite fired AFBC boiler
Smallest capacity (500 kg/Hr) AFBC boiler
Largest capacity (175 TPH) AFBC boiler in operation
First AFBC boiler to fire gaseous fuel (Biogas)
Largest capacity (140 TPH) Traveling Grate boiler in operation
First 100% bagasse fired Traveling Grate boiler with highest pressure & temperature: 108 Kg/cm2 (a) &    540ºC
Indigenously developed CFBC technology stabilized in shortest possible time in operation
CFBC boilers designed to fire unique fuels like 100% Char, 100% pet coke, 100% coal middlings, Flyash from BFBC boiler for the first time
Designed, manufactured, supplied, erected and commissioned 2X150 MW CFB boiler based 300 MW Power plant

ESP with a dust collecting capacity of 47.5 MTS per hour has been designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned
PC fired utility projects of unit capacities up to 350 MW under execution
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